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About Us

For the love of god and THE game of life

IMBA- International Mongolian Basketball Academy.  The IMBA was founded in 2019 to help Mongolia with foundational basketball skills and faith for life - technique and trust.


Our Story

The IMBA vision began in 2013, when Coach Jeremy discovered Mongolia’s love for basketball. In 2016, Coach Jeremy hosted Coach Mark and his staff from North Carolina to do a training in Darhan. In 2019, Coach Mark joined the IMBA team again in Ulaanbaatar to train about 30 Mongolian professional and volunteer basketball coaches. Coach Jeremy and Buyanmandax organized the training and incorporated a focus on our shared faith and the desire to grow Mongolia’s basketball skills.

We are now training players aged 12 -15 twice a week at the MUESTO Gym at the Western Crossroads of Ulaanbaatar City. Players are taught both the fundamentals of basketball and faith.

Meet The coaches

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